Our unique design allows the Hanging Doorstop to easily hang on any door hinge and keep your door open. The hook on the hanging doorstop can accommodate most any hinge.



    Hanging Doorstops stay off of the ground during their lifespan which keeps the product clean, but also keeps it away from small children. Doorstops that stay on the floor might be chewed on by young children or a tripping hazard to all members of the family.


    Ladies and Gents when moving is a chore, you got to get through that door. Lift it out your pocket with ease, then hang it on the hinge in a breeze!


Why do I need Hanging Doorstop?

Simply put; Hanging Doorstop can make your life easier, safer and help protect little hands from door pinches...OUCH!

How can Hanging Doorstop make life easier?

If you've ever had to carry groceries into your home, the need to hold the door open when moving large items like furniture or appliances? Have you ever wanted to prop a door open at your place of business or at home in the warm weather? Have you been annoyed because a door in your home keeps closing or banging just because a window is open then Hanging Doorstop is for you!

How can Hanging Doorstop make life safer?

Many wedge style doorstops have a tendency to slide on some floors rendering it useless. Weighted doorstops reduce the space available to walk through the door not to mention both types of doorstops tend to become tripping hazards. Finally, there are many documented cases of children being badly injured and have sustained broken fingers, pinches or crushed fingers annually. Hanging Doorstop can greatly reduce unfortunate accidents from happening.

Where else can I get Hanging Doorstop?

You can find Hanging Doorstop on both Amazon and Etsy!

What is the difference between the "Best" and the "Little Brother"?

The "Best" can hold the door open up to 90 degrees, depending on the

Whereas the "Little Brother" only holds the door up to 70degrees.

What is the warranty?

Lifetime on stainless (The Best) and 5 year on wood (Little Brother).


Because Hanging Doorstop is placed on your door's hinge it is important that you use this product with care and for only as long as it's required. The reason is because if you try to close or slam the door while using Hanging Doorstop it may damage your door or hinge.